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A-Pro Home Inspection Services

All A-Pro Home Inspections are done not only meet the standards set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission, but also to the higher standards of International Society of Home Inspectors (ISHI).

These standards encompass all of the following:

  • 500 point inspection, including structural, roof, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, appliances
  • Foundation level survey for every home inspection
  • 120 day guarantee backed by an A+ rated insurance company
  • Fair and balanced report
  • Visual septic inspection
  • Pool and sprinkler system inspections
  • Verbal report delivered on site
  • E-mailed report delivered within 24 hours
  • Hard cover bound report delivered within a few days

Additional services A-Pro Home Inspections offer include:

Pre-listing inspections

1 year and 2 year new home warranty inspections

Re-inspections of home after repairs have been made

How the Home Inspection Guarantee Impacts Real Estate Agents

Home inspections – once rare – are an integral piece of the home selling process today. In fact, roughly 90% of homes that are sold undergo a pre-sale inspection. While home inspections were almost always paid for by the buyer, that too is changing.

The reality is, anecdotal evidence shows that pre-listing inspections actually help homes sell faster and for more money. Some real estate offices have gone as far as paying for an inspection for all clients prior to putting a listing on the market.


Just as buyers place more confidence in (and attach greater value to) certified pre-owned cars, pre-inspected homes carry similar advantages – resulting in more accurate pricing, competitive advantages over similar properties, higher sales values, and faster sales.

Now, A-Pro is taking the added security, competitive advantages, and added value of home inspections to a whole new level.

Our guarantee offers buyers an unprecedented level of security against unexpected repairs, and provides sellers and agents with a powerful new selling point. Take advantage of A-Pro’s exclusive “Certified Pre-Owned Home” designation.

In a real estate environment where inspections have become the norm, real estate agents find it increasingly important to have an inspector they have the trust to recommend. With an inspection that already boasts fair and balanced reporting, and a 120-day guarantee that transfers directly to the buyer, A-Pro has shown why it’s quickly become the company of choice for real estate agents across the country.